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Dear Council Community,


The unthinkable has happened. I woke up Thursday to a text message from a Ukrainian colleague that read, “Woke up from anti-missile blast. But seems all is just starting.” In other words, things are going to get worse. 


Kyiv is seven hours ahead of Atlanta, but information is instant. The world is witnessing Russia’s invasion of a sovereign country in real-time. Images of hundreds of people sleeping in subway stations and abandoned, burned-out tanks are coming at us as quickly as Russian troops seem to be advancing on Ukraine’s capital.  


Misinformation and disinformation are rampant. Hyper-partisan finger-pointing is clouding the devastating reality that 43 million Ukrainians could soon be living under gunpoint. Many so-called experts appear to downplay the sobering fact that Europe is at war. 


In this moment, what is the role of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta? It’s to provide a forum for informed discussion of global events that impact Metro Atlanta. You can count on us to deliver trustworthy information and analysis, a safe space to ask questions and a community of curious, globally engaged people. 


In the coming weeks, the Council will provide resources including accurate information sources and vetted charitable organizations. We will host public dialogues with individuals who have deep expertise in European affairs, Ukraine and other areas of our lives and economy impacted by this historic event.    


Thank you for trusting us today and every day. Our minds are in Atlanta but our hearts are with the Ukrainian people. We look forward to this opportunity to serve.  

Rickey Bevington

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